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Get Xzibits new album: Hear it before you buy it
Pharcyde: Bizzarre ride 2 the Pharcyde: GET THIS ALBUM!! A california classic
Outkast: Southernplayalistic: This is one of my favorite albums of all time
Hieroglyphics: Third Eye Vision: Oakland Underground's greatest success
Bob MarleyI know this isn't hip-hop but it's another one of my favorites

Welcome to my Worldwide Hip-Hop Homepage

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This site is OFFICIALLY DEAD! I've decided to scrap this first web effort so I can dedicate my time to a new creation of mine called: The Bump. It is launching on 2/20/2000 so head over there to see what the future of "Hip Hop WORLDWIDE" looks like!

Updates!! 1/27/00
This site will no longer be updated although I will leave it up for "Historical purposes". Check out my new project The Bump at
--Jake-- Hip Hop WORLDWIDE"

--e-mail me.

Coming Soon
I hope to add a lyrics section eventually and a production page that will have info. on producers and studio equipment. I will be adding more Real Audio daily so check back for the newest un-released and just-released joints in the reviews section.

I have a small t-shirt business that I run with my partner Anthony (a.k.a. Tone Rok) but we only have one design right now. They are 100% cotton and are available in Large or X-large in Black or Natural. New designs on the way soon. If you are interested or just want to know more, e-mail me at the link below

Album reviews and Real Audio not available anywhere else

Hip-Hop Music Videos, RealVideo, Quicktime

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