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Here you will find reviews of singles and albums with real audio that isn't easily found on the internet.
You will need Real Player G2 to hear most of these songs. If you don't have it, you can download it at

=Oakland origin
=tight Production
=exceptional Lyrics
=Hop-Hop WORLDWIDE seal of perfection

Fly Away: Goodie MoB This is the first verse, I am definately feeling this beat. Listen to the lyrics
Holiday: Witchdoctor Another member of Atlanta's Dungeon Family a.k.a. the DF. This is his first verse in his first single. Organized Noize has come through once again with a clean beat. If you don't already have the album, GET IT!!!! Guest appearances by: Cool Breeze, Outkast and Goodie MoB
Holocaust: Rza, Holocaust- You probably haven't heard of him but Holocaust is making a name for himself. He was featured on the Killarmy album that came out earlier this year. I don't know about that "Bobby Digitalllllllll" in the background but the beat makes up for it. This album is sure to open some ears.
B.O.B.B.Y: RZA- RZA comes alone on this one. He doesn't shine lyrically as much as he does musically but he still got skills.
Help me out remix: Del The Funky Homosapien This is a remix of one of Del's old songs. Oakland success. Oakland Style. Nuf said.
Rags to Riches: Baron Ricks feat. Self Scientific and Cypress Hill
-Produced by Muggs so you know the beat is tight like gnat-booty. You probably haven't heard of Baron Ricks unless you heard him on Cypress Hills new one. Only about 2 and a half minutes.
Heat: Heiroglyphics-OAKTOWN!!! I don't even know what album this is off of but this shit is OFF THE HOOK!!!! All group members spit their piece here and come off clean. I'm really feeling this beat too, produced by Casual. Whole 4mins and 52sec. "And that's that".
Aquemini: Outkast-Back atcha one mo' gen with the title track "aquemini". The hook gives you something to think about. Look for the beat change between Andre's verse and Big Boi's. The change fits the vibe of the whole album. I swear these fools are aliens cause I haven't heard shit on this level before.
You don't see us: Roots-What do you get when you take some Bomb ass MCs and add some Bomb ass Musicians? You get this song and this group. You can't really completely appreciate them until you've seen them in concert. This song is a 10.
Ebonics: Big L-If you didn't know, the concept of ebonics and the word itself came from Oakland. Now that you've been schooled, listen to this. Big L freaks "Ebonics" like there's no tomorrow. I'm just waiting for the Oakland version.
Bless and Destroy: Swollen Members-More California Brand Hip-Hop. This one, produced by the talented Zodak. The Members rip like bad gas (that's a good thing).
Stack my gunz and onez: Heltah Skeltah-DAMN!!!! Did you hear that?? Check these lyrics. "Fuck Batman & Robin, I'm robin with a bat man!!". This song is the SHIZZNITTLEBAMSNIPSNAPSNAPPY!!!! The rest of the album is great but I think this is the high point. If you listen to only one song on this page, listen to this one.
Magnum Force: Heltah Skeltah- The title track. They don't shine on this one as much as on Stack my Gunz but the hook will have you hypnotized. A good song. I give it a 8.
Hard knock life: Jay-Z- I'm sorry, I know this joint is played out but it is KNOCKIN!!! This is my favorite song as the album. I don't think it's worth the money but I would buy the single on wax cause I think this one has lasting capabilities.
Half and Half: M.O.P and Gangstarr- Gangstarr and M.O.P together again. This is the third song I've heard where the colaborate. Can we be far from a colab. album?? Probably won't happen but they keep us wishing with songs like this.

Soundtrack to the Streets: Nas- Nas Escobar straight outta Queensbridge is back with Soundtrack to the streets. I like this song but I think he could have put some more time into these lyrics ("transportin' keys that's inside of a dog"), is it just me or did he pull that out of his ass?? You'll find a lot of these little random ramblings in this song. If you listen to lyrics like I do, you are gonna wonder what happened to Nas. Maybe he'll redeem himself on the next one.
Patriots: Canibus-I got a new favorite Can-I-Bus song. I think this was produced by Wyclef. You knew he'd come with some more battle raps. Through all the hype he insists that he is true and original claiming- "rappin is a raw business, but as a individual, I'm original as anybodys fingerprint is". Good lyrics, good beat.
Tequilla Sunrise: Cypress Hill-Cypress buddah blesses once again with the first single off the fourth album. I can't tell you how good it feels to hear Sen Dog's constipated howl once again. They drop a fat bomb on your head to a clean spanish guitar sample and a typical Muggs beat. My personal favorite song on this album is "Audio X" which I plan on adding soon. I haven't bought this album yet but if the rest it is this good, I gots to.
STR8 SAVAGE: Third rail vic feat. Saafir-STR8 KNOCKIN'!! You're probably saying to yourself, "Who tha hell is 'third rail vic'?" Vic is the next to blow out of Hobo Junction (Oakland's premier underground hip-hop crew). First it was Whoriders, then Saafir, but will Vic make it? Who knows, all I know is that Saafir and Vic make a really good combination and I'd like to see them do more together. I definitely give this one my Oakland seal of approval, they are helping to give Oakland hip-hop a good name.
The truth about Angel: Mystic Journeymen-If you haven't heard these fools before then you probably aren't a hip-hop head from California. The Journeymen have a worldwide audience. In fact sometimes they have guest verses by Arata, a skilled Japanese Mc. The beats are HELLA clean as we say in Cali and most are done on 4-tracks (much like my own beats). This is real underground hip-hop for that ass. Listen to this before I take it off.
Big Dogs: Meth and Redman-Back atcha with a woof to all the bitches. Do I even need to tell you how nice they come on this?? They don't disappoint for a second and how could they over an Erick Sermon beat. I hope that T2 is a better thought out album than "Tical". It better be for all the god damn time that I've been waiting.
Dangerous Grounds: Meth and Street Life- OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! TOO HOT TO HANDLE!!!!! Inhale this one and tell me if you feel me. Uh huh, uh huh
Bucktown remix: Cocoa bros. feat M.O.P.- Oh my god.. I like tis one so much it gives me chills. Two of my favorites combine over the same bomb ass beat with a few small additions. There isn't much to say but that this one is the SSSHHHIIIITTT!!!
Cocoa Bros. feat Starang Wondah- You may have heard a little part of this song on the Funk Flex mixtape. The Bros. rip, Starang rips and the beat knox hard although it isn't a typical Cocoa beat. Two thumbs and a big toe up. Way up..
8-Ball: Jayo Felony- I put the "O" up because the track is produced by Ant Banks of Too $hort fame. You will find this on the "NWA Straight outta Compton 10th anniversary tribute" album. Jayo does the album justice and if you hadn't heard him before, you'd swear the song was done in 1987.
Body movin remix: Beastie boys- I'm not a hardcore fan of the beasties although I do like some of that funky ass "Whatcha want" type of shlit. Dj Revolution of the "World famous Wake-up Show" joins in on the fun as he cuts shit up like Edward Scissorhands. This one is for the Oakland Beasties.
Don't let the money make you: Xzibit, King Tee and Soopafly- The L.A. hardcore hip-hoppers hook up to make a bomb ass bonus track. King Tee drops his verse with his typical gangster ass loc style while Soopafly (the DPG with the tightest flow) unloads with precision. You know what Xzibit does.....
Shit is hot: Bad seed and What What?- The name doesn't lie. What what of Natural resource comes through to help out on this while Beavis and Butthead add their piece in a humorous way. Bad Seed flows with apparent ease. I wanna hear more from Natural Resource cause I cant find them on vinyl, tape or CD in the Bay Area so if you can get a hold of an album for me, I'll pay you handsomely.
Cali Kings: Baka Boys with Alkaholiks, Xzibit and Defari- While this isn't the hottest Likwit crew collaboration, it is definitely hot. Everyone busts a fat one but Xzibit spits the same verse as he did on 3 card molly. I'll never know why he did this, maybe he was just lazy. Oh well, can't have everything.
Galaxies: Mountain Bros.- I bet you never heard of an Asian crew before. Now you have. The Mountain Bros. are from Philly and are an independent group that will probably stay independent. Take a listen and see what you've been missin.
Get lifted: The Whoridas- The Whoriders are back with their second nationwide release from Southpaw records. This is the same label that Casual of the Heiroglyphics and Third Rail Vic of Hobo junction are on. This whole album was recorded at the studio that I work at so I have heard most of the songs already and this isn't even the best song on the album. If you aren't a coast hater and appreciate some real nice flows, get this album and support the Hobo Junction. Also look for Saafir's new one....... Tedabae!!!!
Just see supaself: Biggis- Biggis is a new name to me but I'm sure this isn't the last time I hear his name. This is the kinda shit I listen to when I wanna hear someone talk about some REAL shit. He has an unmistakable voice and theres someone else in this song that sounds a LOT like Wyclef. Biggis is just a twig on the Wu-Tang family tree but just wait till this boy gets a hold of some Miracle-gro!
Watch for the hook: Cool Breeze feat. Goodie MoB, Outkast and WitchDoctor- WOOOOOO!!!!!!!! That's my SONG!!! This is one of the best songs I have heard from Organized Noise this year. Cool Breeze has appeared on almost all of the Dungeon Family's albums and he is FINALLY coming out with his own album. Listen to these lyrics because these are some of the best MCs from the south, and ALL of them bring earth shaking lyrics. The production is NOT your everyday "shake-a-booty" beat. This one wins the highest honor.
Shooting Stars: Opio- Opio of the Heiro comes with a solo song off of the Mystic Journeymen's new album "focus". A nice beat and nice lyrics. I give it an overall B-
Likwit Connection: Defari feat. Alkoholiks and Xzibit- This is my least favorite of the Likwit crew's group attempts but I still like it. Defari never got my respect with his mediocre rhyming skills but the Alkoholiks and Xzibit do a good job at saving the rest of the song. Defari's new album is sure to have a lot of guest appearances due to his lacking capabilities but I may be speaking too soon. At least the beat knocks.
Bum Deal: Natural Resource- This song isn't especially new but it stays in my tape deck. The beat is nice and the ltrics are even better. Production by Um the Social Worker.
West Savannah: Big Boi of Outkast- This song was cut from Southernplayalistic and some of you had probably heard it before but I'm glad as hell that they put it on. The beat makes me wish I had a drop top old school Cadillac just to bump this song. The hook is an interpolation from an old soul song and fits Big Boi's style perfectly. I wouldn't change a thing about this fonky ATLien classic.
Maybe one day: Brand Nubian feat. Common- I really like the combination of Commons deep, thoughtful flow with Grand Puba's matter of fact style. I returned this album (after dubbing the best tracks) because of songs like "let's dance" featuring Busta Rhymes which fill my head with anger and frustration. That said, this is a great song that will be sure to please fans of Brand Nubians's old AND new styles.
The End: Rass Kass feat. RZA- Rass and RZA exchange knowledge over a RZA masterpiece. The enraged Rass tells it like it is with analogy after analogy as we have come to expect from him but there's "no gimmicks" here as he explains: "it's just me being me". RZA has become the violent, perverted, big word saying ringleader of the WU but at the same time, you gotta love it. The end of "The end" contains a clip from an interview that I can't place that explains one man's take on the Illuminatti. The album is a good representation of what Rass Kass stands.
Creepin': Kurupt, Eightball and Too $hort- Oh Lordy Lord! This is my JAM. Where do I start? I'll start off by letting you know that you won't be able to find this for sale anywhere because it was cut from Kid Capri's new album for reasons that I'll never understand. The beat sounds like a combination between Eightball's southern fried, rear-view-mirror-shakin' flavor and that Too $hort/Ant Banks Oakland ass FUNK. Eventhough this isn't Kurupt's typical L.A. gangsta beat, he fits right in. The three combine, bringing each of their own styles to the table to make a lyrical masterpiece. If anyone knows where I can get a hold of this, an e-mail would be GREATLY appreciated.
Dear Elpee: Sole- All I can say is Deja vu. Here's the story: Known MC disses un-known MC on a cut that gets lots of airplay. Un-known MC replies and rips the known MC to pieces over a nice beat. Unknown MC invites known MC to battle on his own terms. Sound familiar? I thought so too. While Elpee may have a LOT more skills than L.L., he takes it up the ass just as hard ("You're as hip-hop as Garth Brooks and as manly as garter belts"). The beef is over Elpee supposedly blacklisting Sole to NY distributors. The story-telling style works well as it sets up the beat drop and style switch in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Co. Flow fan but I LOVE a good battle. Stay tuned...
Put your hammer down: Wu-tang clan- This song never made the album but definitely should have. A party joint that will please Wu fans worldwide.
Jersey Yo!: Redman- I picked this tape up yesterday and just felt that it was my obligation to share this funk with you. If you got this tape yesterday then you know that this is the MOST bumpin' track on the album. So much skills, only so much time on a CD. I'm already looking forward to the next album. Has anyone else heard rumor of a Redman Method man album?

Rework the angles: Dilated Peoples feat. A.G., Xzibit, Defari- A nice remix. I never cared for Defari much but everybody else has nice verses. The beat sounds generic as hell. Doesn't it sound like about 30 or 40 other "hip-hop" beats you've heard before? Sorry, this song doesn't win any awards from me.
Scary Movies: Eminem- Huh? Did you catch all that? I always find myself listening to his songs like 2 or 3 times before I hear everything he says. He doesn't disappoint at all here. I like when he says "Any MC that chooses to go against me is getting taken advantage of like Monica Lewinsky" and tops it off with "leave me alone!". The beat is cool too.
Rec Room: Inspectah Deck- I can't place that sample but I'm sure I've heard it before. I think 4th Disciple did the beat which is commendable.
Secret wars: Last Emperor- This is a great concept that is new to me. The beat gets your head nodding and the lyrics don't falter. Personally, I'd like to see the Green Goblin and ODB go at it. (p.s. Not bad impressions)
Thunder & Lightning: Defari feat. Xzibit- Like I said before I'm just not feelin Defari but Xzibit knocks this track "the fuck out!" and you just can't go wrong with Evidence's production.
Queensfinest: Nas- Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' bout! Nas is back in full form. This cut off of DJ Clue's new album is a sure-shot. It's good to see Nas pick himself up out of the gutter and get back on that horse.
Brown Paper Bag Thoughts: Raekwon- Another nice one from DJ Clue's album although the beat is completely lack-luster. The Chef impresses with un-deniably sharp lyrics.
Godfathers: Whoridas feat. Xzibit- This album is the best thing to come out of Oakland this year. I have the pleasure of working in the recording studio where this album is being created and although this was one of the only songs that wasn't recorded there, I KNOW that this isn't the best track. The beat and lyrics are especially nice but the Mafia concept is wearing a bit thin. Produced by DJ Rectangle.
All I know: Rhazel (of the Roots)- I have no idea what tape this is from but I want it. This is the first solo song I have heard from Rhazel and I hope it's not the last.

Answers: Lootpack- Likwit family members prepare to drop their first album (finaly)! Answers is a freestyle track featuring Quasimoto.
25 to Life: Xzibit, Juvenile, Nature, Ja Rule and Reptile- The first hot single off the "Life" soundtrack. I was surprised to say the least to hear that the beat was done by Wyclef! While the song doesn't make my top ten of all time, it is a sure-fire head nodder.

Understand: Ed O.G.- Big Ed is back on the topic of relationships. The beat doesn't really sound like some California underground shhh but it's nice to hear him over something this different. If you don't already have it, go get that "South Central Thynk Tank"
Street Talkin': Slick Rick feat. Big Boi- I LOVE IT! I felt short-changed by "The art of story telling (remix)" eventhough the video was tight. Big Boi goes off double double time while "The Ruler" croons the hook so squeakily, you GOTTA love it! I assume the beat was done by Organized Noize (it's got that sound). p.s.- Did anyone notice the similarities in the beat to "Funk Dat" by Sagat?
Untouchables: Biggie, Tupac and Cocoa Brovas- The sound is horrible but it's still four of my favorite MCs. I don't even know where you can buy this but if you find out, let me know.
Watch out now: Beatnuts- OFF THE BOOKS!! Excellent production (how do you think they got the name?). I picked up the sample tape today and much to my disappointment, this song wasn't even on it. Oh well, with songs like "Give me the light" and "Snake pit" with Cuban Link and Common, this album is a SURE classic. You can count on me getting this tape as SOON as it drops.

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