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ALBUM REVIEWS 2- updated: 6/12/99

Wake-up show anthem- Wake up show all-stars- The World Famous Wake-Up Show presents the anthem featuring: RZA, KRS-One, Eminem, Chino XL, Kool G. Rap, Pharoah Monch, Jayo Felony, Xzibit and Tech 9ne. A nice joint except for the simple fact that there are too many MCs one one track.
B-Boy Document 99: High and Mighty- HOT beat! The re-worked "B-Boy Document" is far better the second time around. In addition to a new beat and new lyrics, they put Mos Def and Mad Skillz on the hook.
Dirty Money: Flowmastaz Click feat. J-ro of the Liks and Dres of Black Sheep- Whoooo!! A great introduction from the Flowmastaz Click. This is that type of shit that makes you go "Oooooh!!" or the ever-popular "Daaammnn!!". Setting the track off with J-ro (A.K.A. Ro-J Simpson)was a good move on The Flowmastaz part; giving you a chance to feel the whole vibe before you start to criticize. Good to hear Dres again, considering I haven't even heard his name since "Beats & Lyrics 2". If you have the MP3, hit me up.

Pimpin' ain't easy: Tash- "That nigga Rico got Hoes!". This one is nice but I was dissapointed after hearing "Bermuda Triangle". Worth checking out.
Sophisticated Mic Pros: Rasco- Never dissapointing, Rasco is back with a somewhat more sophisticated rhyme style. This serves as the a-side to his first single off of the new "The Birth EP". Fresh flows, Bangin' track. DJs aren't gonna be able to resist this one.
Improvise: Jurassic 5- New off the "Wake-up Show" album: "This or that", Jurassic 5 lend a helping hand with "Improvise". I think this one would have been 50 times hotter if they had a better beat behind them. I think it comes off in their music how well each member fits into the group. This song isn't great but it's a good fix for J5 fans.

Get you mad: Eminem- Another unimpressive song off "This or that". Hearing a song like this makes me think I've heard all there is that Eminem has to offer eventhough I know that isn't true. Just alltogether boring. Better luck next time Shady.
A to G: Blackalicious- I know his voice is different but try to feel it. I couldn't help but be sucked in by the alien flow. "correctly connecting craniums" "Done did dat, did dis diddle don domination dope dignified-nation" "Eons of energy, everyone effected". Remember 10th Grade english class? Illiteration!! Now listen to it again.
Brooklyn Hard Rock: Thirstin Howl the third- I first heard this cat on the Wake-up Show. As soon as I heard his first song, I knew he would be an underground hit. Brooklyn Hard Rock proves this. Different isn't always good but in this case, it IS.

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